I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

Visiting Kerala with parents, for my Granddad’s puja

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I’m going to Kerala today for my Achachan’s first death anniversary puja. I have been thinking about him everyday and I miss him terribly. My Amma says it’s important to do the puja in Kerala so that he stays happy in heaven. I wish so too, though I want him to come back soon.

I don’t like to fly much and I prefer trains. But we are still going to fly because we don’t have holidays and Appa cant take leave from work. Looks like its ok if I miss school for 2 days. Since it’s for my grandfather I dont mind missing school for 1-2 days.

The puja in my mom’s house in Kerala was all very nice. There were lots of sweets and everyone was smiling and crying at the same time. I think they are all sad that my grandfather is not around. I’m told he’s with God. What I dont understand is, why is God keeping him for so long???

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of me with my grandfather when I was 4 years old.

Back home, with a bang!

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Hello everyone, I am back after a short vacation in a forest (Kabini, I learnt from my parents) and my mother’s hometown, Kannur, Kerala.

First, we went to Kabini…that’s a forest. I saw leopards, elephants and dancing peacocks. I never got to ride on an elephant though. I think my father didn’t have enough money for taking me for the ride. I cried and cried, but the safari uncle just wouldn’t let me get off the jeep and go for the ride. I am still angry at that uncle.

I also played in a swing made of tyres. It was easy for me to swing in the tyre swing because I had already seen kids do it on Youtube, in Amma’s laptop. I had lots of fun. I saw monkeys and deers….lots of them.

After three days in Kabini, we went to Kannur, in a car. My parents told me later that I slept through the trip. But that’s ok. I only missed the tea estates on the way…and shops such as Goodwill Medicals, Anupam Tailors (didn’t know my brother Anupam owned a shop) and such.

Once I reached Kerala, it was all fun. I met lots of uncles and aunts…and I was asked to perform in front of all of them. I danced to all my favourite songs – Munnni badnaam hui, Sheela ki jawani and Daarling. But these elders never understand that kids can’t always perform consistently under so much pressure.

After all that masti, I am back home. Mom packed me off to school and daycare the very next day. (In spite of the hangover that I had) Grrrrr!

And now every day I have homework to do. Ma’m says joining dots and making straight lines is the first step to writing well. But I am confused because I have already started writing ABCD.

More on homework, later 🙂

My naming ceremony in Kerala

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I woke up with a start. Today is a big day…I am going to be named today. Parents have had their round of discussion…but nobody has consulted me so far.

The least I expect them to do is at least tell me…inform me…but no..they wouldn’t. As if I don’t exist. At least they could tell me how I should spell my name…will it be R-I-Y-A? R-I-A? R-E-A-H? or R-H-E-A?

We have more than 100 guests, who have between them lifted me off my cradle 78 times. I am losing calories quick and fast…at this rate I will become a super model soon.

I have been dressed up in a blue and white frock. What color sense? And mom, if you ever going to read this…I was being sarcastic.

Guess what…my family from Madurai (in Tamil Nadu) are also here. Way too many relatives, I must be having. The four visitors from Madurai are: my uncle called Murugan, an aunt called Deepa, another aunt called Sumathi and my paternal grand mother called Selvi.

It is sad to note that my paternal grand father passed away before I was born. I came to know because half the oldies who saw me said I could be the re-incarnation of my own paternal grand pa. Interesting story…but I will have to know more of my paternal grand pa to believe it.

I can see sorrow in my maternal grand mothers eyes…probably she is thinking of how happy her husband would have been on this day. But hey, I am back…remember?

Apparently this naming thing is big. I got gold bangles, chains, anklets, waist bands etc. Not to mention some 20-30 clothes….do clothes for babies come that cheap?

I saw my maternal grand parent’s house today

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We reached Kedaram today. Came to know that Kedaram is the name of my maternal grand parents house.

I did ask my mother what it means, but she didn’t respond. Pretty snobbish, I would say.

Came to know that my mother and her elder sister Rema (I couldn’t see her in the house) were also born in the same hospital – St Martin De Porres Hospital. Apparently, I have an elder brother called Anupam…he is Rema’s son. Will he also share my house? I wish I get my own private time.

We passed the Girls Government Higher Secondary school on our way to the house and my mother lifted my head to the car window and told me: “Rhea, this is where your mother studied.”

Like I cared. Do I have to study? That’s what matters.

Forgot to tell you…when we reached Kedaram, we were welcomed by Raji aunty and her two daughters – Vidya and Divya. Heard they both are taking professional singing classes and are good singers. Wait till I start singing.

Oops! I spotted a violin (which was used by my mother) and a Veena (which was used by my mother’s sister Rema) in the house. I hope they don’t push me to carnatic music – have had enough of it when I was in my mother’s womb.

We are going to my grand parents house tomorrow

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Everybody is busy today. Or at least they appear to be.

They are packing all the stuff and paying off the bills. I overhear my grand father and my mother comparing the costs of a delivery in Chennai and Kannur. Apparently, Chennai would have been very costly.

My grand father seems to be a good man, he suggested to my mother that if she felt so strongly about the costs…maybe she should donate the money she saved to an orphanage.

But remember…my mother is selfish…she again used me as an excuse. She said: “No, papa…with the baby and all we will need all the money we can have now. Maybe, later…we can look at that.”

A “Yeah, right!” escaped my lips but doubt if anybody heard it.

Why does my grand mother stay with us every night? Doesn’t she have a house of her own? We already find this place cramped.