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I dance away while my mother is ill

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My mother has been keeping ill. I am not the one to have fun while my parents are suffering but still when I didnt have to sleep at 9 pm (as my mother would have forced me) I was very excited. It was almost as if I had won a lottery….wait a minute….at my age I am not supposed to know lotteries. So, it was almost as if somebody had bought home a 5Star chocolate.

My father also sang and danced with me, and even when he became tired (at 37 he isn’t getting any younger) I continued.

Here is my Dhinika Chikka performance (on the popular Salman Khan starrer “Wanted”). Please note that this was at 11 pm – could have woken up the Christ. (Tip: Tom is Christmas!)

My mother always feeds me first

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It must be a mother’s thing….but my mother chooses restaurants keeping me in mind.

My father would say, lets go here and lets go there….but my mother would say “Will they have something that Rhea will like?”

This is exactly why I was surprised when I was ushered in to Kobe, a Sizzlers place in Ambience Mall yesterday. I was seeing sizzlers for the first time and I almost jumped back hearing the hissing noise. It was as if they were serving a snake!!

Why would any human being eat Sizzlers? This time we went to a sizzlers place and while my father and mother liked it, I didn’t.

At Kobe's in Ambience Mall

At Kobe's in Ambience Mall

My Sports Day

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Today was the first sports day of my life. I have been attending school for last 3 yars but today is the first sports day that I will be attending.

I am participated in a song and dance sequence and my parents were also there to witness me. Though I couldn’t spot them in the crowd….but till the song ended I kept on searching for them. Here is a photograph taken before I left for the school today.

My attire for Sports Day

My attire for Sports Day