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We are going to my grand parents house tomorrow

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Everybody is busy today. Or at least they appear to be.

They are packing all the stuff and paying off the bills. I overhear my grand father and my mother comparing the costs of a delivery in Chennai and Kannur. Apparently, Chennai would have been very costly.

My grand father seems to be a good man, he suggested to my mother that if she felt so strongly about the costs…maybe she should donate the money she saved to an orphanage.

But remember…my mother is selfish…she again used me as an excuse. She said: “No, papa…with the baby and all we will need all the money we can have now. Maybe, later…we can look at that.”

A “Yeah, right!” escaped my lips but doubt if anybody heard it.

Why does my grand mother stay with us every night? Doesn’t she have a house of her own? We already find this place cramped.