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I’m cooking in school today

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Today, it’s a salad day at school. Ma’m asked us to take chopped coriander and whole lemons to school. Mom packed them in nice boxes and sent in my school bag.

When I reached school, I spoke to Kabeer and Smriti Agarwal and they also told me that they’ve got some macaroni and other things in their boxes.

Then ma’m collected all the boxes and helped us make nice salads by mixing all things in everyone’s boxes. There were so many things and so many colours.

Ma’m also packed some salad for our parents to taste. Amma tasked it and told me it was amazing. I’m glad!

When I asked my father to take a day off

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I have no idea why my father is so obsessed with Facebook. Everything and anything that I do goes into his Facebook profile as a status update.

Like today I asked him if he could ask his boss in Nimbuzz to take a day off and watch TV and play in the park with me…and he refused. I wasn’t upset with the fact that he refused…but what was the need to put it on his Facebook? These adults, I tell you…

Asking my father to take leave from office