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My first trip without my parents

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Rhea Rajan backpack

Just before leaving home. Taken at 4.30 am

Today morning at 5 am I left from my DPS school for a trip to Mashobra near Shimla. I have been excited about this trip for for a long time now. A bus takes us to Delhi station from where we take a train for our destination.

My father showed me how to pack ones travel bag in 5 minutes but I wasn’t happy so my mother and I repacked everything again. My mother is pretty upset that I won’t be there for two days.

Today, we got up at 3.30 am to get ready. I had to be at my school by 5 am. In all the excitement we were there ten minutes earlier.

While driving me to the school, my father was joking how in a few more years I would do a trek in the Himalayas. He thinks I didn’t spot the sadness on his face – he seemed to be upset that I had grown up enough to go on a trip by myself.

In the bus I sat with Tvisha Ajmera, my friend whose distant relative has slept once in White House. I hope my madam pairs me up with her so we can share a tent.

Rhea in Bus

I didn’t realize it but I got really busy once in the bus. Thankfully once the bus started, I turned towards my father and waved.


Getting into first standard; and my birthday

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After a 2 week break we are all getting ready to go back to school, to first standard. But before that, there’s a big day! It is my birthday today. Quite a big day for us. We have a party at home for my apartment friends and aunties.

Amma made some yummy food and we had lots of fun at home. An uncle came home and made different shapes of balloons for us, in all colours. And we also had a tattoo uncle. I am wearing a nice pink gown that Shaina aunty gifted. Everybody told me I looked so pretty. I am sure I did. There’s also another reason to be happy.

Yayyy! Today was another first in my life – it was my first day in first standard. Which means I have a new teacher, new friends and new books. Since I already had a nice bag, I told Amma to not buy a new one for me. Amma said, ‘That’s like my darling girl” She calls me darling…like ten times a day.

My first Enid Blyton book

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Appa and Amma are coming to school today for the Parents Teachers Meeting. I heard them talking to my ma’m. Ma’m said such nice things about me and told my parents that I am a good girl in the class.

The Mam did mention how I am a chatterbox and needed to be controlled regularly. But what can I do? I just love to talk.

There was an exhibition of books outside the school and guess what I got as a gift for being so good in school – an Enid Blyton book. I am waiting to read it…I actually read half in the car on the way back! I know …I am going to love this this Enid Blyton lady.

Here is the book we bought today:

Mom wants me to learn classical music

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I know that my mom loves listening to classical music…you know, very slow and melodious music. Most of the mornings she plays some nice songs from the I Pad and we sit and listen to it. I also lpve listening to Yashomati Maiya a lot. Mom says that if I learn classical music, I wil be able to sing Yashomati Maiya nicely.

So, on Vijayadashami day, mom took me to an aunty’s house and she had agreed to teach me music. Now I will have music classes three days a week and dance classes twice a week. I am getting busier by day!

I’m learning to dance!

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My mother has always been talking about something called Bharatanatyam for quite a while. Honestly, I had no clue what it was. Mom told me it’s some sort of a dance. Then one day a very nice looking lady came home, who, I later realized would become my Bharatanatyam ma’m. I was a little scared to join the class in the beginning. But then, mom told me that Esha, Deepika and Shravani also will join me. Then I knew it was going to be fun.

And it is actually so much fun. I have to go to classes twice a week and ma’m said I will get to wear nice anklets if I dance really well. I’m looking forward to it 🙂