I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

Proof that I love ice creams

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We all know that everybody loves ice creams. But I have an monstrous love towards ice creams and if you don’t believe me, do take a look at these pictures taken in the Mc Donalds in Gurgaon. I think this is the Mc Donalds on Sohna Road.

Winter Weekends

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On winter weekends my father and I dress up and go to the central park in the apartment complex. There are six things we take every weekend:

1) My cycle
2) My pink frisbee
3) A blue Ball
4) Two plastic Bowling pins (which we use as a bat)
5) My water bottle
6) A banana (in case I get hungry)

We spend close to 90-120 minutes in the central park before coming back home. My mother wants us to do this for a totally different reason – so that we don’t disturb her when she and Archana aunty are busy with the weekend cleaning.

I get my own mike

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When we had visited Corbet National Park and stayed in Country Inn (sometime around Diwali) I had sung into a mike. Don’t get surprised yet…since it was Diwali we were the only family at Country Inn and the Guitarist bhaiya asked somebody from my family to come forward and sing.

My mother can sing well but my father is a disaster….and to avoid him the embarressment I went forward and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the mike for the first time. Since then it became a habit and I did it everyday for the next three days.

Noticing my keen interest, my mother bought be a set of purple mikes. The only problem…now my mother wants me to sing and my father wants me to do stand up comedy. God save!

Watch me behind my purple mike in this video.

I love drawing and coloring

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My teachers say I draw and color well. Some day I hope to become an artist.

In fact, yesterday my parents took me to an artists and asked if they should buy an Easel for me…but the artist laughed them away. He has instead asked my parents to buy me water colors. Lets see.

Drew Fish at school

Drew Fish at school

Drew a Teddy at school

Drew a Teddy at school

I wear my father’s Nimbuzz jacket

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I didn’t know that corporates gifted their employees cool fashion accessories, else I would have also joined a corporate.

Today, my father walked into the house showing off a nice black Jacket which his company Nimbuzz had gifted him for winter. I am going to join the next good corporate I see. Meanwhile, watch my video trying to fit into the Nimbuzz jacket.