I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

My first poem

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Here is my first poem. Needless to say I didn’t write it…I just narrated it to my parents.

On weekends, my whole family (obviously, my father, mother and I) sits together and create songs on the fly and we sing it as well …and I guess thats rubbed off on me.

So, here goes my poem. Note that I haven’t yet given it a title. Lets work with UNTITLED for now.

Ek, do, teen
Ek bachcha aaya
Usne doodhu (milk) piya
Usne school gaya
Usne daycare gaya
Vapas aagaya ghar mein
Usne cornflakes khaya
Usne doodhu piya
Usne mamma ko kiss kiya
Usne papa ko hug kiya
Aur sab friends ban gaye

Rhea sings & performs on her keyboard

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I take an amazing amount of interest in singing, and listening to music. Perhaps this and the fact that my mother was once a violinist….made my parents buy a small keyboard for me a few years back.

Occasionally I force my parents to take the keyboard out and bang a few keys. In this video, you will see me singing a rhyme while performing on the keyboard as well.

My Earth Day Advice

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Did you know that Earth Day was founded as an environmental awareness measure on April 22, 1970? Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.

Well, my teachers definitely mean good – they taughgt me what I have to do to ensure Earth stays good for us all humans.

Here in this video I share it with you. BTW, today is Earth day. Happy Earth Day to you!

Is it yesterday, or tomorrow?

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I am confused between these two words – yesterday and tomorrow. I’m not sure which stands for present and which stands for past.

For example, my mom always corrects me whenever I tell her these:

– Amma, yesterday you should come and pick me up from school.

– Amma, in the morning, you should give me lunch.

– Amma, tomorrow I ate two toffees.

– Appa, yesterday we will go to park and play football.

Can anyone here help me with this please?

Back home, with a bang!

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Hello everyone, I am back after a short vacation in a forest (Kabini, I learnt from my parents) and my mother’s hometown, Kannur, Kerala.

First, we went to Kabini…that’s a forest. I saw leopards, elephants and dancing peacocks. I never got to ride on an elephant though. I think my father didn’t have enough money for taking me for the ride. I cried and cried, but the safari uncle just wouldn’t let me get off the jeep and go for the ride. I am still angry at that uncle.

I also played in a swing made of tyres. It was easy for me to swing in the tyre swing because I had already seen kids do it on Youtube, in Amma’s laptop. I had lots of fun. I saw monkeys and deers….lots of them.

After three days in Kabini, we went to Kannur, in a car. My parents told me later that I slept through the trip. But that’s ok. I only missed the tea estates on the way…and shops such as Goodwill Medicals, Anupam Tailors (didn’t know my brother Anupam owned a shop) and such.

Once I reached Kerala, it was all fun. I met lots of uncles and aunts…and I was asked to perform in front of all of them. I danced to all my favourite songs – Munnni badnaam hui, Sheela ki jawani and Daarling. But these elders never understand that kids can’t always perform consistently under so much pressure.

After all that masti, I am back home. Mom packed me off to school and daycare the very next day. (In spite of the hangover that I had) Grrrrr!

And now every day I have homework to do. Ma’m says joining dots and making straight lines is the first step to writing well. But I am confused because I have already started writing ABCD.

More on homework, later 🙂