I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

Singing Kolaveri Di

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The song is all the rage. I hear it on TV, Radio and even on my mother’s desktop. I hear it is some son in law of Rajinikanth….think somebody called Dhanush…..who has sung it.

Apparently a Global phenomenon and all. Expectations from me were less but when Sonu Nigam’s song also sang his version my mother started created trouble for me. Now, she wanted me to also come up with my own version….and here it is. With a little help from her.

And the winter break is over

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I was so excited today. School reopened after the winter break. I hadn’t seen my friends in 2 weeks and I was waiting to meet them and my teachers.

We didn’t study anything today because all of us were so busy talking and playing. Ma’m also didn’t say anything when we were playing. Looks like she missed us too.

God! Its so nice to go back to school. Winter uniform is nice too, with jackets and all.

Though I will miss the holidays too – spending time in the park morning and evening was cool too. Ain’t I confusing?

I try the trampoline in Metropolitan Mall

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Everytime we would go to the Metropolitan Mall I would see bigger kids jumping up and down the trampoline. I would ask my parents and they would say that I was too small for it.

Today, while we were passing by I again casually remarked that I wanted to do it. Didn’t know my parents would readily agree….and gosh what a rush. I had initial jitters but God, I loved it or what.

My mother and my father were so scared when I was going up and down….guess thats what is called love. But one thing…when I came down, I didnt want to go up again.

I am all for adventure…but little every day. Before I forget, this was my first adventure sports!

My Mother’s Note: Rhea didn’t think twice before saying that she wanted to do it. Like the scared father I tried to dissuade her but she wouldn’t listen. Even after three minutes on the Trampoline, ….she still wasn’t scared!!

Star Performer in my class

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This is the first time I am being labelled the star performer of my class. Don’t believe me…check out the certificate I recieved.

Though I did overhear my parents talk that this certificate is issued to all students in a class on a rotation basis to motivate the students as well as their parents. But I don’t believe them. What do they know of the sweat and blood I had to shed to get this certificate.

I warned my mother that this was the first of many certificates I am going to get, but my mother only smiled. Sometimes I don’t get her at all.