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Father thinks I might marry the ice-man

Posted: May 20th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Father, I, me, myself | Comments Off on Father thinks I might marry the ice-man

Though my father believes that I will end up marrying an ice cream seller, he is wrong. My father doesn’t understand that the survival instincts in a woman get better as she ages and matures…and hence I am more likely to marry an ice cream factory owner.

I love my ice creams and ice sticks.

His beliefs aside, my father is cool. Everyday in the evening he goes to the ice cream wala just outside our house and buys Orange, Mango, and Chocolate ice sticks for us. My house is funny…everybody loves their own flavours – I love Orange, my mother loves chocolate and my father loves Mango. Since my father ‘thinks’ he is a foodie, and he should experiment with food…he also brings kesar and pista flavours from time to time. If you know my father, please don’t burst his bubble…he will feel very bad. All his beliefs aside, I still love him.

When my father is home early, he takes me along to buy the ice sticks….and on such days I get a bonus – he gives me one orange stick to eat on our way back. And since we hide this fact from my mother, she gives me one more when we reach home.

Though…sometimes I do wonder if my mom pretends to not know. How could some one miss the orange lips I get after I have had an orange ice stick?

Just in case you didn’t know how much I love the stick ice, take a look at the video below: