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My family loves rain

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Today being the first Saturday after my summer vacations, I was dreading the start of my karate classes. As luck would have it, it rained and my classes got cancelled.

When it rains, my family gets into top gear. My father and I went down at 7.30 am to stomp in the puddles and cycle thro’ them at breakneck speed. It was 90 minutes of great fun. Some pictures:



Decorating the Christmas tree

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It’s Christmas! Appa showed me a lot of videos on Youtube about Santa and his stories. We have a Christmas tree at home and I am the one who decorated it nicely. I did see Amma taking a photograph, but I am not sure if she still has it in her phone. I got more books as gifts and I am pretty happy.

My brother Anupam was with me for Christmas last year and I am upset he didn’t come this time. We went out for shopping and saw the Christmas Carnival in our apartment complex. It was really nice and colourful.

It’s also school holidays now. And, it’s very very cold in December. Amma says it’s the coldest month in Gurgaon. I am sure it is. I wear 3 layers of clothes now. I feel heavy!

Khwaish’s happy birthday party

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I’m so excited today. Evening, we are going to Khwaish’s first birthday party in a nice hotel. Khwaish is my Appa’s friend Mukesh uncle’s baby girl. She’s a cute girl and we all call her jumping joy as she is always jumping on people’s laps 🙂

Amma told me that we have to wear Black because it should contrast with the birthday girl’s dress. She actually had to buy me a black and white top for the party. And I also helped mom to select gifts for the baby. I like it when mom asks me to help. I feel like a big girl then.

The party was so much fun. Jiya didi and Yachu were there too. Here’s a pic for you, with Yachu.

Dancing dandiya with Amma and my friends

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Today is the dandiya party at my apartment complex. Mom and I wore nice salwar suits and went down to the party. I wore a green colous anarkali suit for the first time. (I know the name because my mom keeps talking about clothes to her friends all the time).

We bought two pairs of dandiya sticks and then mom taught me how to dance with the sticks. Avika and Molu danced with me too. But I dont have a picture because Appa wasnt there to take a picture. He was out exercising 🙁

Mom also bought me some nice clips from the shops nearby. It was all good fun. Everyone said I danced really well. Super fun day!

We move house within Uniworld Gardens

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It’s the Dussera festival season. Amma and I went to temple and prayed to God that all of us keep well always.

Amma says we should always have good health and everything else will be perfect. That’s why she gives me lots of fruits and vegetables always.

We have also moved into a new house, where Smita aunty used to stay earlier. I actually thought we will all be staying together in this house with Smita aunty and her kids, Sneha and Smriti didi…but then Amma told me they won’t be staying with us because they are going to Mumbai. Looks like it’s quite far from here.

I am going to miss Sneha and Smriti didi a lot.