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My first trip without my parents

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Rhea Rajan backpack

Just before leaving home. Taken at 4.30 am

Today morning at 5 am I left from my DPS school for a trip to Mashobra near Shimla. I have been excited about this trip for for a long time now. A bus takes us to Delhi station from where we take a train for our destination.

My father showed me how to pack ones travel bag in 5 minutes but I wasn’t happy so my mother and I repacked everything again. My mother is pretty upset that I won’t be there for two days.

Today, we got up at 3.30 am to get ready. I had to be at my school by 5 am. In all the excitement we were there ten minutes earlier.

While driving me to the school, my father was joking how in a few more years I would do a trek in the Himalayas. He thinks I didn’t spot the sadness on his face – he seemed to be upset that I had grown up enough to go on a trip by myself.

In the bus I sat with Tvisha Ajmera, my friend whose distant relative has slept once in White House. I hope my madam pairs me up with her so we can share a tent.

Rhea in Bus

I didn’t realize it but I got really busy once in the bus. Thankfully once the bus started, I turned towards my father and waved.


My birthday invite is ready

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Rhea Rajan Birthday Invite

This is the invite we sent across to my friends today.

My parents tend to simplify everything. They have figured out that it is much easier to create a digital invite and send it out to all my friends on Whatsapp. I am not surprised because sometimes when my parents are in two different rooms, they communicate with each other through Whatsapp.

A month back my mother and I decided that this year the theme for my birthday will be Books. Since then thats what we have been talking about. My mother has been researching the whole day on how to make my birthday special. In fact, this is what she talks about the whole day. So much so, my father has become bored.

My mother says every food item in the party will be linked to a book. I wonder how. Lets see.

I am excited about the Book based Birthday party!

My family loves rain

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Today being the first Saturday after my summer vacations, I was dreading the start of my karate classes. As luck would have it, it rained and my classes got cancelled.

When it rains, my family gets into top gear. My father and I went down at 7.30 am to stomp in the puddles and cycle thro’ them at breakneck speed. It was 90 minutes of great fun. Some pictures:



Mother’s day poem by my father and I

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My father and I joined hands to write a mother’s day poem and surprise my mother by singing it in the evening. I guess it must have been all the practicing we were doing which gave it away…for the moment we started the show she started giggling. I think she even sang along…

This was the Mother’s Day poem we had written:

Dear Amma happy mothers day
I am here to say
That you have a special way

Of showing love to us all
You are always on our call
And you never let us fall.

You never ever tire
That’s what we admire!
that’s why you inspire!

Dear Amma, happy mothers day
And I am here to say
That you have a special way….

Here is the video of me singing the Mother’s Day Song

My father knows how to make me laugh

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This pictures were taken while we were waiting in the Fortis Hospital parking lot. My mother had gone to get some tests on my little brother done and since both my father and I were scared of him getting pierced…we decided to stay out.

I think in our family only my mother can see blood. For now see how much fun we have when we are together