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Birthday Card from my school

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Today I got a birthday card from my school. This is one of my firsts because nobody has evergiven me a birthday card – probably because they think I don’t know to read (which is actually true) or probably because nobody cares.

The truth is, after reciving the birthday card from my teacher I didn’t know what to do. I stood there….waiting for the next instructions. Thats when my teacher said: “Open it and see the nice flowers. And also show it to your father and mother.”

My first Birthday Card

My first Birthday Card

My mother was also excited. When I showed her, she did mention about recieving birthday cards from my father when they weren’t married. Apparently, my father has stopped giving my mother birthday cards after their marriage.

If you haven’t yet got all the hints I have been giving you…here is a straight one: “Wish me happy birthday now!”

My new flowery dress

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We generally buy my clothes at Arjun Marg in Gurgaon. Whenever we go to buy clothes for me, my mother squeezes in one or two for herself as well.


My father and I marry off two tooth brushes

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My father and I keep fooling around on the bed on most mornings. And if its winter, God save my mother….we never get out of the bed. What helps is that my father is very creative – he can make up lots and lots of stories for me. While he helps me think beyond what I am capable of, my mother keeps me reined in with her methodical and ground-reality approach. So we are quite a family.

What this video in which my father an dI try to marry off two tooth brushes. Do use your keen ear while I say the vows.

My own song and dance

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My father keeps boasting that he had started writing poems when he was in class five. In fact, he is telling the truth….I have seen his poems (pathetic!). It is the boasting that I hate.

So I thought, why not try my hand at my own song and dance…here in this video my father records my song and dance. Very heavily inspired by the great time I had at holi.