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My grandfather passed away

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The whole of today my parents were in the hospital because last night my grandfather had been admitted to the hospital. He was in the ICU and somebody had to be there always.

My father went to office till 12 noon and after sorting out a few issues, picked me up from school and dropped me home. He then gave me lunch (even as I watched Chota Bheem on Cartoon Network). Once we were done, he left home to be with my mother at the hospital.

While he was giving me lunch, I heard him thank his colleagues for offering to donate blood. Eight of my father’s colleagues had come to the hospital to donate blood. Apparently my grandpa was bleeding from his oesophagus and needed a lot of blood.

I miss my grandfather. I remember asking my father when he will bring my grandpa back. My father didn’t have an answer. I even promised him that I will ask God to make him alright.

At 5.32 pm, he passed away. My mother returned home alone at 7 pm and told my grandma the news. She burst out crying….what more could she do.

I feel so helpless….just hugging my mother and my grandma. I also cried a lot. But I am not able to understand death yet ….maybe that’s why my mother showed me the stars and said my grandpa was in the stars. That’s when I asked my mother: “And the moon? Is he on the moon as well?”

My mother confirmed that yes, he was. She even said from now onwards my grandfather will be speaking to God and will be telling him to give me good drawing books & crayons.

My father didn’t come till I slept off at 9.30 pm….my mother said he was getting some death summary from the hospital and some police documentation as well.

My mother is really upset. I know she gave it her best after my grandfather was diagnosed with Cancer in August 2010…..but she couldn’t save him.

This is the first death I am experiencing.

The day tragedy struck

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Last night at 1 am, while I was sleeping I heard my mother panic and cry. She was asking my father: “Rajan, what do we do now?”

I woke up and walked to the room where my grandparents used to sleep. It was a mess. My grandfather Mr Chandrashekaran Nair was vomiting blood. Looks like his hands and legs were going cold, for I saw my grandmother rub his feet and hands. She was crying and asking my mother and my father to do something quickly.

I stood still…watching….as my mother tried the Artemis Hospital’s number for am ambulance. But they said it would take more than 30 minutes to arrive. So, my parents decided to take my grandfather to the hospital in the car. It was 1.15 am.

I knew something was terribly wrong, but didn’t know what to do. I was too confused. When my father brought the security guard to help him lift grandfather I knew it was something really dangerous.

At 1.30 am, my mother and my father took my grandfather to the hospital. I think that’s when I broke down and starting crying. Even as I sobbed, I said: “I want God to make achachan alright soon. I will also pray for him.”

After they left, my grandma lay down with me and made me sleep. I was tried and slept off….but I knew my grandma didn’t.

I saw my maternal grand parent’s house today

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We reached Kedaram today. Came to know that Kedaram is the name of my maternal grand parents house.

I did ask my mother what it means, but she didn’t respond. Pretty snobbish, I would say.

Came to know that my mother and her elder sister Rema (I couldn’t see her in the house) were also born in the same hospital – St Martin De Porres Hospital. Apparently, I have an elder brother called Anupam…he is Rema’s son. Will he also share my house? I wish I get my own private time.

We passed the Girls Government Higher Secondary school on our way to the house and my mother lifted my head to the car window and told me: “Rhea, this is where your mother studied.”

Like I cared. Do I have to study? That’s what matters.

Forgot to tell you…when we reached Kedaram, we were welcomed by Raji aunty and her two daughters – Vidya and Divya. Heard they both are taking professional singing classes and are good singers. Wait till I start singing.

Oops! I spotted a violin (which was used by my mother) and a Veena (which was used by my mother’s sister Rema) in the house. I hope they don’t push me to carnatic music – have had enough of it when I was in my mother’s womb.

We are going to my grand parents house tomorrow

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Everybody is busy today. Or at least they appear to be.

They are packing all the stuff and paying off the bills. I overhear my grand father and my mother comparing the costs of a delivery in Chennai and Kannur. Apparently, Chennai would have been very costly.

My grand father seems to be a good man, he suggested to my mother that if she felt so strongly about the costs…maybe she should donate the money she saved to an orphanage.

But remember…my mother is selfish…she again used me as an excuse. She said: “No, papa…with the baby and all we will need all the money we can have now. Maybe, later…we can look at that.”

A “Yeah, right!” escaped my lips but doubt if anybody heard it.

Why does my grand mother stay with us every night? Doesn’t she have a house of her own? We already find this place cramped.