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I love the family eating out expeditions

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Every weekend we go out for lunch or dinner, at least once. In the last few months we have stopped that because mother says she doesn’t feel nice leaving my grandmother and grandfather at home and going out for lunch/dinner.

“Why don’t we take them as well?” I once asked my mother.

She said: “Your grandfather can’t eat from outside – he can only eat semi-solid food.. That’s why we can’t take them out. Plus they get tired soon.”

So, today my grandmother forced my mother and my father to go out. I heard her say: “You guys shouldn’t change because of us. You have to live your life as well.”

So we went out. Some place called Gola restaurant because my mother wanted to try out something called Sizzlers.

In the first part of the outing, I sit with my mother because she is more patient while giving me lunch. In the second part of the outing – when it is time to have desserts – I move beside my father. My mother never shares her dessert but my father does.