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My father loves my expressions

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My father loves when I get expressive. He keeps asking me to show expressions and snap pictures. Today he came home early and kept on disturbing me when I was watching TV. When I realized I can’t do much but oblige….I threw in some expressions.

These adults can be so adamant at times. Gosh! I hate it.

I dress up as Radha

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Today is Janmashtami….apparently Krishna’s birthday. I am very pissed, I haven’t been invited to any birthday party. Does Krishna even throw a birthday party? Looks like no….because my teacher had asked me to dress up like Radha….I was told she is Krishna’s girl friend.

We have a song-dance ritual in celebration of Krishna’s birthday. Why should I dance, if I don’t get to go to a birthday party and wont get any return gifts?

When I asked, my mother assured me that Krishna would drop the return gift at our house before I return from school.

Independence day, Karan Johar style

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Today in our apartment complex there was Independence day celebration. Generally my father shies away from such social gatherings. He compares himself to the Friends character Chandler and says: “I am like Chandler. Funny. But gets uncomfortable in social situations.”

But my mother forced my father also to join in the celebrations saying: “We have to get Rhea to enjoy all these. She should grow up a patriot like you.”

When we went down, it was like a Karan Johar movie. It was raining, there was greenery all around (the function was in the park), there was a stage with the National flag as the backdrop, people were waving the Indian flag….my father commented that only Kajol was missing. Apparently, she is my father’s favourite actress.

We witnessed lots of patriotic songs and dances. I wish I grow up fast and learn to perform on stage.

It was raining all along but my mother, my father and I sat under our umbrellas and sat through the whole ceremony. We finished with the National anthem.

Once the anthem was over, my father turned towards me and asked: “So, are you feeling patriotic?” I replied: “I am feeling hungry.”

I don’t know why my parents laughed so hard.

My father in shades

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Looks like my father loves shades. Whenever he sees others wearing shades he asks them if he could try them…and then makes it a point to take a picture.

So much so, sometimes I get annoyed.

Maybe because he is stuck with specs all his life. But my mother tells me that my father has moved to contacts at least five times in his life and followed that up with shades. Just that after six months he gets bored with the contacts and forgets where he left his shades.

Here are some his pics trying out various shades: