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Together we’ll change the world….

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I have been learning a lot in school these days. My music sir taught me a new rhyme and then we performed this rhyme at the Peace Whispers function in school. Even my Amma and Appa came to watch me sing. I was asked to dress like a Afghani girl for the function. I also learnt a speech about an Afghani art form for the function. Let me see if I remember the rhyme well.

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight…
I believe it’s not too late
Together we can change the world….
Lay the puzzles pieces out
Find out what it’s all about
Together we can change the world…
Can’t do it by myself
So I’m asking for your help
Together we can change the world
Sail past where it’s been charted
Roll your sleeves up
Lets get started
Together we can change the world…
With our hands and with our hearts
We can tell to make a start
Together we can change the world
If we spoke with one voice
Knowing that we have a choice
Together we can change thw world…

My parents were amazed that I managed to learn so many lines. I think it’s my sir who actually spent so much time and made us learn this. We also said, Thank you Sir loudly after the function.

I’m learning to dance!

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My mother has always been talking about something called Bharatanatyam for quite a while. Honestly, I had no clue what it was. Mom told me it’s some sort of a dance. Then one day a very nice looking lady came home, who, I later realized would become my Bharatanatyam ma’m. I was a little scared to join the class in the beginning. But then, mom told me that Esha, Deepika and Shravani also will join me. Then I knew it was going to be fun.

And it is actually so much fun. I have to go to classes twice a week and ma’m said I will get to wear nice anklets if I dance really well. I’m looking forward to it πŸ™‚

My parents come to school

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Today is the Parents Teachers Meeting in my school and my Amma and Appa are also going to the meeting with me. Our class, Pre F, was really decorated nicely for the event and the teachers had kept all our books on the tables so that our parents can see the books. My parents were so happy to see my books.

Then they spoke to my Enakshi ma’m and asked how I was doing in the school. Looks like I am doing well, because they were thrilled while speaking to Ma’m. Though my mom keeps saying I need to read and write every day so that I learn everything and grow up to be a smart girl. I’m sure I’ll grow up to be one smart girl πŸ™‚