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Birthday Card from my school

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Today I got a birthday card from my school. This is one of my firsts because nobody has evergiven me a birthday card – probably because they think I don’t know to read (which is actually true) or probably because nobody cares.

The truth is, after reciving the birthday card from my teacher I didn’t know what to do. I stood there….waiting for the next instructions. Thats when my teacher said: “Open it and see the nice flowers. And also show it to your father and mother.”

My first Birthday Card

My first Birthday Card

My mother was also excited. When I showed her, she did mention about recieving birthday cards from my father when they weren’t married. Apparently, my father has stopped giving my mother birthday cards after their marriage.

If you haven’t yet got all the hints I have been giving you…here is a straight one: “Wish me happy birthday now!”