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After my grandpa’s death, we need support

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Sudhir uncle, Rema aunty and Anupam bhiaya are in our house today. When my grandma saw them she started crying. Then they also cried.

Must be something to do with my grandfather’s death. (Note to self: Got to understand what death is).

Anupam bhaiya wasn’t as excited to see me as he usually is. Maybe because he is eight years old he understands death better than me.

There is talk that we will be taking my grandfather to Kerala tomorrow. My father was missing the whole day today. When I asked my mother said he had gone to buy airplane ticket for my grandfather.

Anupam bhiaya visits us in Gurgaon

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Sudhir uncle, Rema aunty and Anupam bhiya came home today. They are on their way to Kerala for their yearly holidays and dropped by in Gurgaon because my grandparents are now staying with us.

I love it when they visit because they bring me lots of cookies and chocolates. And I also get to play with Anupam bhaiya. Only this time I am a little upset with him because he took complete ownership of my iPad.

He is going to be here for a week….does that mean, I don’t get to use the iPad for one whole week? Life sucks!