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My birthday invite is ready

Posted: March 21st, 2016 | Author: | Filed under: Mother | Comments Off on My birthday invite is ready
Rhea Rajan Birthday Invite

This is the invite we sent across to my friends today.

My parents tend to simplify everything. They have figured out that it is much easier to create a digital invite and send it out to all my friends on Whatsapp. I am not surprised because sometimes when my parents are in two different rooms, they communicate with each other through Whatsapp.

A month back my mother and I decided that this year the theme for my birthday will be Books. Since then thats what we have been talking about. My mother has been researching the whole day on how to make my birthday special. In fact, this is what she talks about the whole day. So much so, my father has become bored.

My mother says every food item in the party will be linked to a book. I wonder how. Lets see.

I am excited about the Book based Birthday party!