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Back home, with a bang!

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Hello everyone, I am back after a short vacation in a forest (Kabini, I learnt from my parents) and my mother’s hometown, Kannur, Kerala.

First, we went to Kabini…that’s a forest. I saw leopards, elephants and dancing peacocks. I never got to ride on an elephant though. I think my father didn’t have enough money for taking me for the ride. I cried and cried, but the safari uncle just wouldn’t let me get off the jeep and go for the ride. I am still angry at that uncle.

I also played in a swing made of tyres. It was easy for me to swing in the tyre swing because I had already seen kids do it on Youtube, in Amma’s laptop. I had lots of fun. I saw monkeys and deers….lots of them.

After three days in Kabini, we went to Kannur, in a car. My parents told me later that I slept through the trip. But that’s ok. I only missed the tea estates on the way…and shops such as Goodwill Medicals, Anupam Tailors (didn’t know my brother Anupam owned a shop) and such.

Once I reached Kerala, it was all fun. I met lots of uncles and aunts…and I was asked to perform in front of all of them. I danced to all my favourite songs – Munnni badnaam hui, Sheela ki jawani and Daarling. But these elders never understand that kids can’t always perform consistently under so much pressure.

After all that masti, I am back home. Mom packed me off to school and daycare the very next day. (In spite of the hangover that I had) Grrrrr!

And now every day I have homework to do. Ma’m says joining dots and making straight lines is the first step to writing well. But I am confused because I have already started writing ABCD.

More on homework, later 🙂

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