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The day tragedy struck

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Last night at 1 am, while I was sleeping I heard my mother panic and cry. She was asking my father: “Rajan, what do we do now?”

I woke up and walked to the room where my grandparents used to sleep. It was a mess. My grandfather Mr Chandrashekaran Nair was vomiting blood. Looks like his hands and legs were going cold, for I saw my grandmother rub his feet and hands. She was crying and asking my mother and my father to do something quickly.

I stood still…watching….as my mother tried the Artemis Hospital’s number for am ambulance. But they said it would take more than 30 minutes to arrive. So, my parents decided to take my grandfather to the hospital in the car. It was 1.15 am.

I knew something was terribly wrong, but didn’t know what to do. I was too confused. When my father brought the security guard to help him lift grandfather I knew it was something really dangerous.

At 1.30 am, my mother and my father took my grandfather to the hospital. I think that’s when I broke down and starting crying. Even as I sobbed, I said: “I want God to make achachan alright soon. I will also pray for him.”

After they left, my grandma lay down with me and made me sleep. I was tried and slept off….but I knew my grandma didn’t.