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My grandfather passed away

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The whole of today my parents were in the hospital because last night my grandfather had been admitted to the hospital. He was in the ICU and somebody had to be there always.

My father went to office till 12 noon and after sorting out a few issues, picked me up from school and dropped me home. He then gave me lunch (even as I watched Chota Bheem on Cartoon Network). Once we were done, he left home to be with my mother at the hospital.

While he was giving me lunch, I heard him thank his colleagues for offering to donate blood. Eight of my father’s colleagues had come to the hospital to donate blood. Apparently my grandpa was bleeding from his oesophagus and needed a lot of blood.

I miss my grandfather. I remember asking my father when he will bring my grandpa back. My father didn’t have an answer. I even promised him that I will ask God to make him alright.

At 5.32 pm, he passed away. My mother returned home alone at 7 pm and told my grandma the news. She burst out crying….what more could she do.

I feel so helpless….just hugging my mother and my grandma. I also cried a lot. But I am not able to understand death yet ….maybe that’s why my mother showed me the stars and said my grandpa was in the stars. That’s when I asked my mother: “And the moon? Is he on the moon as well?”

My mother confirmed that yes, he was. She even said from now onwards my grandfather will be speaking to God and will be telling him to give me good drawing books & crayons.

My father didn’t come till I slept off at 9.30 pm….my mother said he was getting some death summary from the hospital and some police documentation as well.

My mother is really upset. I know she gave it her best after my grandfather was diagnosed with Cancer in August 2010…..but she couldn’t save him.

This is the first death I am experiencing.