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I am all pink today!

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Our class is performing along with all other DPS kids today for the annual talent show. I am wearing a nice frock which ma’m gave from school. Pink make up too. Pink lipstick and pink powder. I am a pink girl today!

Amma and Appa were so proud to see me perform. It was super exciting. Everybody clapped so loud for us. I think our class did the best, though Amma tells me everybody did their best.

Decorating the Christmas tree

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It’s Christmas! Appa showed me a lot of videos on Youtube about Santa and his stories. We have a Christmas tree at home and I am the one who decorated it nicely. I did see Amma taking a photograph, but I am not sure if she still has it in her phone. I got more books as gifts and I am pretty happy.

My brother Anupam was with me for Christmas last year and I am upset he didn’t come this time. We went out for shopping and saw the Christmas Carnival in our apartment complex. It was really nice and colourful.

It’s also school holidays now. And, it’s very very cold in December. Amma says it’s the coldest month in Gurgaon. I am sure it is. I wear 3 layers of clothes now. I feel heavy!

My first Enid Blyton book

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Appa and Amma are coming to school today for the Parents Teachers Meeting. I heard them talking to my ma’m. Ma’m said such nice things about me and told my parents that I am a good girl in the class.

The Mam did mention how I am a chatterbox and needed to be controlled regularly. But what can I do? I just love to talk.

There was an exhibition of books outside the school and guess what I got as a gift for being so good in school – an Enid Blyton book. I am waiting to read it…I actually read half in the car on the way back! I know …I am going to love this this Enid Blyton lady.

Here is the book we bought today:

It is grandparents day at school

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It’s grandparent’s day at school. We are setting up a café called Kinder Café for grandparents who will come to watch us perform. We have learnt a song and dance to perform today.

I am a little upset that both my grandfathers are not there with me to see me sing and dance. But Amma and Appa said that they will be watching up from heaven and they will be clapping for me.

I am wearing a party frock with stockings and all. I am excited!

Chennai bound

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We are going to Chennai today. My parents told me that we have a new house there and we need to do a puja for the house so that somebody can come and stay there.

What I don’t understand is, why is somebody else coming and staying in our house!

Once we reached Chennai, we went to Bharathan ammon’s house first and then took bath, changed and all. Bharathan ammon is nice – I like his snow white hair. I also some times make fun of his his English accent.

Then we went to see our new house. Appa and Amma were busy cleaning the house while I was busy playing on the phone and iPad. They are nice things. I like them.