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Decorating the Christmas tree

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Gurgaon | Comments Off on Decorating the Christmas tree

It’s Christmas! Appa showed me a lot of videos on Youtube about Santa and his stories. We have a Christmas tree at home and I am the one who decorated it nicely. I did see Amma taking a photograph, but I am not sure if she still has it in her phone. I got more books as gifts and I am pretty happy.

My brother Anupam was with me for Christmas last year and I am upset he didn’t come this time. We went out for shopping and saw the Christmas Carnival in our apartment complex. It was really nice and colourful.

It’s also school holidays now. And, it’s very very cold in December. Amma says it’s the coldest month in Gurgaon. I am sure it is. I wear 3 layers of clothes now. I feel heavy!

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