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I loved her first…

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Today my father came across this song and cried. He couldn’t make me listen because he thought I wouldn’t understand. he heard it three times before moving on to other country songs, which is what he likes best.

Different hugging positions

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Today my father and I have have figured out two hugging positions when we sleep. One is where we place only one hand across each other and the second position is where both are arms are around each other.

I just love hugging my father and sleeping. The winter makes it super-awesome.

In his heart of hearts my father dreads the day when I will become a teenager and won’t appreciate his hugs. I am not so sure myself…so I am not giving him any guarantees yet.

The father-daughter pics which made my father cry

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My dad is scared that I will soon be a grown up and won’t get excited by his stories. He has no idea how much I love him. Today when he was in office, he saw the below link in somebody’s Facebook wall and went through every image. By the time he had finished he had tears in his eyes.

Here goes the ViralNova.com’s link: http://www.viralnova.com/father-daughter-photos/

Getting into first standard; and my birthday

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After a 2 week break we are all getting ready to go back to school, to first standard. But before that, there’s a big day! It is my birthday today. Quite a big day for us. We have a party at home for my apartment friends and aunties.

Amma made some yummy food and we had lots of fun at home. An uncle came home and made different shapes of balloons for us, in all colours. And we also had a tattoo uncle. I am wearing a nice pink gown that Shaina aunty gifted. Everybody told me I looked so pretty. I am sure I did. There’s also another reason to be happy.

Yayyy! Today was another first in my life – it was my first day in first standard. Which means I have a new teacher, new friends and new books. Since I already had a nice bag, I told Amma to not buy a new one for me. Amma said, ‘That’s like my darling girl” She calls me darling…like ten times a day.

Last day of Prep F

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Amma and Appa have been talking a lot about me today morning. Because today is the last day of Prep and I will now be moving onto Std 1. They kept saying, “Our little girl is growing up!!” But I don’t understand. Did they think I won’t grow up? I am confused.

Our ma’m was also very emotional. She hugged all the kids and wished us lots of luck for first standard. Looks like Std 1 is a big deal!

I am told I will have a new ma’m and new friends too…though some of the old friends would remain in the class.