I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

Father thinks I might marry the ice-man

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Though my father believes that I will end up marrying an ice cream seller, he is wrong. My father doesn’t understand that the survival instincts in a woman get better as she ages and matures…and hence I am more likely to marry an ice cream factory owner.

I love my ice creams and ice sticks.

His beliefs aside, my father is cool. Everyday in the evening he goes to the ice cream wala just outside our house and buys Orange, Mango, and Chocolate ice sticks for us. My house is funny…everybody loves their own flavours – I love Orange, my mother loves chocolate and my father loves Mango. Since my father ‘thinks’ he is a foodie, and he should experiment with food…he also brings kesar and pista flavours from time to time. If you know my father, please don’t burst his bubble…he will feel very bad. All his beliefs aside, I still love him.

When my father is home early, he takes me along to buy the ice sticks….and on such days I get a bonus – he gives me one orange stick to eat on our way back. And since we hide this fact from my mother, she gives me one more when we reach home.

Though…sometimes I do wonder if my mom pretends to not know. How could some one miss the orange lips I get after I have had an orange ice stick?

Just in case you didn’t know how much I love the stick ice, take a look at the video below:

My father is back again

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My father must really love me. He is back again in Kerala.

There is another big news…he is going to quit Yahoo, where he has been working for the last eight months. Says, he wasn’t happy there. I had to wait for a full 30 minutes, which seemed like a lifetime before I could find out where he was going to work.

Apparently, there is a company called ibibo.com, in a far off place called Gurgaon…my father is joining them in a month. He is very excited about the offer but a little scared of the place. Says, people are really rude and lots of crime. What is crime? The day my mother can hear me…I will ask her.

People have started arriving in droves. Some of them will be staying with us for the night, cramping us further. Gosh…don’t these people learn? Didn’t I give them enough hints in the hospital itself?

I really hate it when my mother changes my wet panties in front of all these relatives. And I hate it further when they come close to me and shout in my ears: “Ohhh….the baby is getting her name tomorrow!”

They are fighting over a name for me

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There have been calls to and fro. Father and mother have been fighting over my name. I can hear the full conversation because when mother feeds me, she uses the speaker phone.

Apparently, we will have a super dress like Superman...just that instead of an S we will have a R on our chest. Very unfashionable, my parent. The blue and red combo is so 19th century!

Apparently, we will have a super dress like Superman...just that instead of an "S" we will have a "R" on our chest. Very unfashionable, my parent. The blue and red combo is so 19th century!

I wouldn’t have bothered listening if my mother hadn’t angrily banged the phone and said: “It was a mistake marrying a internet savvy man. When asked for name suggestions…how dare he take a print out of all pages from babynames.com and courier it across?”

Next time, my father called…they started the discussion again. My father suggested “Anamika” (my mother suspects that it was the first name in the babynames.com list).

When my mother confronted my father with what she thought of the name, my father suggested “Zulfi”.

Even I could see that this would have been the last name in the list.

After a lot of discussion, it has been decided that my name will be “Rhea”. I like the name…goes well with my surname “Rajan”.

My only problem with the name is that it has a Greek origin and means a singer. Why would you name somebody a singer when you have already stuffed the person with so much music in the womb itself. So much so, I now hate carnatic music. Gimme some head banging stuff and I am game any day.

PS: Overheard my parents conspiring about forming a Super Family, like the Supermans and Incredibles. They are going to name our family The ‘R’ Family and our super wear will have a huge “R” on our chest.

My mother was pregnant?

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Thats my mother when she was seven months pregnant with me. Trust me, when I was inside the womb I thought my mother would be pink.

Thats my mother when she was seven months pregnant with me. Trust me, when I was inside the womb I thought my mother would be pink.

Today I heard my father say that he was here in Kannur only for me. He called up his boss and told him that he needed to be with his wife (that’s my mom for a few days more). It felt good.

Father and mother were also discussing the pregnancy days.

Apparently, my mother was 61 Kgs when she was 6 weeks pregnant and gained 13 kilos and was at 74 Kgs when I was born. I feel my mother is using me as an excuse for gaining weight. Bceause I was only 3.5 Kgs when born. How does she explain the 10 odd Kgs she gained?

I also overheard that Dr Amudha Hari, who has a polyclinic in Adyar, Chennai was my mother gynecologist in Chennai and Dr Dinesh handled the delivery and pre-natal care in Kannur. I wish I can send them a rose to thank them for being good to me.

Apparently, my mother used to hare oil but after she became pregnant with me, she started loving pooris and other oily items. Some day, I intend to tell her that when I was in her stomach…I used to eat up all the pooris she would gobble up.

I also loved the ice creams and chocolate pastries (from Coffee Day & CakeWalk in Chennai) that my mother had.

Visitors kept streaming in today also. Wonder why they have to come so close to look at me. Sometimes I can smell sweat some times…a nice fragrance…wonder what that is. Is it something I can get for myself?

Today, I saw the band on my hand again….so is Rekha the name of my mother?