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My father is back again

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My father must really love me. He is back again in Kerala.

There is another big news…he is going to quit Yahoo, where he has been working for the last eight months. Says, he wasn’t happy there. I had to wait for a full 30 minutes, which seemed like a lifetime before I could find out where he was going to work.

Apparently, there is a company called ibibo.com, in a far off place called Gurgaon…my father is joining them in a month. He is very excited about the offer but a little scared of the place. Says, people are really rude and lots of crime. What is crime? The day my mother can hear me…I will ask her.

People have started arriving in droves. Some of them will be staying with us for the night, cramping us further. Gosh…don’t these people learn? Didn’t I give them enough hints in the hospital itself?

I really hate it when my mother changes my wet panties in front of all these relatives. And I hate it further when they come close to me and shout in my ears: “Ohhh….the baby is getting her name tomorrow!”

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