I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

My father and I marry off two tooth brushes

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My father and I keep fooling around on the bed on most mornings. And if its winter, God save my mother….we never get out of the bed. What helps is that my father is very creative – he can make up lots and lots of stories for me. While he helps me think beyond what I am capable of, my mother keeps me reined in with her methodical and ground-reality approach. So we are quite a family.

What this video in which my father an dI try to marry off two tooth brushes. Do use your keen ear while I say the vows.

Chilling out in the bath tub

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Every year just when the summer is about to end and winter is about to start, my father realizes that we didn’t use the bath tub enough. This year was also the same….so when the chill had already begun in early November, my father asked my mother one weekend: “Shall Rhea and I spend time in the bath tub today?”

This permission was important. And as luck would have it, my mom agreed. What happened next is the video:

Playing with my father

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My father and I just roll on the bed and tickle each other. We also play all the dirty games (and get scolded by my mother).

My father and I touch our noses, tongues, bums etc which really maddens my mother. But when we aren’t looking she looks at us playing these dirty games and smiles. Couple of times I have spotted her doing that….and when she knows that she has been spotted she looks away.

When I tickle my father he really laughs out aloud. I wonder if he is doing this to make me laugh…for sometimes he starts laughing even before I start tickling.

My father and I roll on the bed & tickle each other

My father and I roll on the bed & tickle each other

My father in shades

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Looks like my father loves shades. Whenever he sees others wearing shades he asks them if he could try them…and then makes it a point to take a picture.

So much so, sometimes I get annoyed.

Maybe because he is stuck with specs all his life. But my mother tells me that my father has moved to contacts at least five times in his life and followed that up with shades. Just that after six months he gets bored with the contacts and forgets where he left his shades.

Here are some his pics trying out various shades:

First time on skates

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Today, after the my first warm up for any physical activity…I had my another first…I got onto my skates and spent half an hour practicing the walk.

My coach Nitin is really a nice guy. He made me walk on grass with my skates on. When I asked, my father said that is because grass has more friction than the rink floor where I had higher chances of falling down. I liked my coach’s approach.

My father loved the way I listened to every word of my coach – he was reminded of his days with his coaches. And from what I have heard from him…he has had many.

Starting from his Kabaddi coach who helped him become a Junior Nationals player, his Shot put coach who didn’t quite take him the distance, his middle distance coach (my father tried his hand at 1500m races) who helped him run 1500m in 4 minutes & 30 seconds and finally his NCC drill coach.

I think I did my father proud today. 🙂

In this video watch me on the skates for the first time: