I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

My father in shades

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Looks like my father loves shades. Whenever he sees others wearing shades he asks them if he could try them…and then makes it a point to take a picture.

So much so, sometimes I get annoyed.

Maybe because he is stuck with specs all his life. But my mother tells me that my father has moved to contacts at least five times in his life and followed that up with shades. Just that after six months he gets bored with the contacts and forgets where he left his shades.

Here are some his pics trying out various shades:

First time on skates

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Today, after the my first warm up for any physical activity…I had my another first…I got onto my skates and spent half an hour practicing the walk.

My coach Nitin is really a nice guy. He made me walk on grass with my skates on. When I asked, my father said that is because grass has more friction than the rink floor where I had higher chances of falling down. I liked my coach’s approach.

My father loved the way I listened to every word of my coach – he was reminded of his days with his coaches. And from what I have heard from him…he has had many.

Starting from his Kabaddi coach who helped him become a Junior Nationals player, his Shot put coach who didn’t quite take him the distance, his middle distance coach (my father tried his hand at 1500m races) who helped him run 1500m in 4 minutes & 30 seconds and finally his NCC drill coach.

I think I did my father proud today. 🙂

In this video watch me on the skates for the first time:

My father is back again

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My father must really love me. He is back again in Kerala.

There is another big news…he is going to quit Yahoo, where he has been working for the last eight months. Says, he wasn’t happy there. I had to wait for a full 30 minutes, which seemed like a lifetime before I could find out where he was going to work.

Apparently, there is a company called ibibo.com, in a far off place called Gurgaon…my father is joining them in a month. He is very excited about the offer but a little scared of the place. Says, people are really rude and lots of crime. What is crime? The day my mother can hear me…I will ask her.

People have started arriving in droves. Some of them will be staying with us for the night, cramping us further. Gosh…don’t these people learn? Didn’t I give them enough hints in the hospital itself?

I really hate it when my mother changes my wet panties in front of all these relatives. And I hate it further when they come close to me and shout in my ears: “Ohhh….the baby is getting her name tomorrow!”

Gosh! I am in God’s own country – Kerala

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Check out the sweaty me. Dont even have a deo on me...wonder what the visitors will be thinkng of me. Didnt somebody say, Kerala was Gods own country?

Check out the sweaty me. Don't even have a deo on me...wonder what the visitors will be thinkng of me. Didn't somebody say, Kerala was God's own country? Besides, can somebody explain it to my parents that hoods are no longer fashionable.

Today, I came to know that I am Kerala. Some district called Kannur.

Kerala seems like a very hot place. Apparently, it is summers and summers are supposed to be hot. I know because I overheard my father and mother fighting…father was saying that if he were back in Yahoo office, he would be happy in an air conditioned space. That’s when mother got angry and started saying that he should have thought of the Kerala weather before asking her to marry him. I found my mother very logical in her approach.

While on the weather, let me tell you about my clothes. I have a boring wardrobe – all whites and all of them linen. No shoes…just socks. My parents definitely don’t have taste. Everything around this place is also white…the walls, the bed sheets, the fan, my clothes…I am bored.

“Give me some pink,” I shouted once, but nobody seemed to have heard it.

I have some bad news as well…my father is going back. He can’t stay with us any longer. I will miss my dad, though he didn’t do anything special for me…besides hanging around the room.

There was talk of ‘bringing home the bacon’..what in God’s name is a bacon?