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Gosh! I am in God’s own country – Kerala

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Check out the sweaty me. Dont even have a deo on me...wonder what the visitors will be thinkng of me. Didnt somebody say, Kerala was Gods own country?

Check out the sweaty me. Don't even have a deo on me...wonder what the visitors will be thinkng of me. Didn't somebody say, Kerala was God's own country? Besides, can somebody explain it to my parents that hoods are no longer fashionable.

Today, I came to know that I am Kerala. Some district called Kannur.

Kerala seems like a very hot place. Apparently, it is summers and summers are supposed to be hot. I know because I overheard my father and mother fighting…father was saying that if he were back in Yahoo office, he would be happy in an air conditioned space. That’s when mother got angry and started saying that he should have thought of the Kerala weather before asking her to marry him. I found my mother very logical in her approach.

While on the weather, let me tell you about my clothes. I have a boring wardrobe – all whites and all of them linen. No shoes…just socks. My parents definitely don’t have taste. Everything around this place is also white…the walls, the bed sheets, the fan, my clothes…I am bored.

“Give me some pink,” I shouted once, but nobody seemed to have heard it.

I have some bad news as well…my father is going back. He can’t stay with us any longer. I will miss my dad, though he didn’t do anything special for me…besides hanging around the room.

There was talk of ‘bringing home the bacon’..what in God’s name is a bacon?

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