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Today is my last day in Pre-Nursery

Posted: March 9th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: School | Comments Off on Today is my last day in Pre-Nursery

Mom tells me that today’s my last day in DPS Pre-Nursery. Mom also says I may have a farewell party. But what does that mean?

Will Aashmi ma’m cry today because today’s her last day with us? Will I get a new Teddy and some Gems because it’s the farewell party? Will I get to meet Kabir, Suyash and Kavya again? Will I still go to daycare?

Mom also tells me that I am graduating to DPS Nursery. How will my new ma’m be like? Will she like me as much as Aashmi ma’m did? Will she pinch my cheeks always?

Come on, why don’t any of you help me find the answers for these questions? I promise will give you half of my Gems packet.

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