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My first pet – a pair of Australian Zebra Finch birds

Posted: June 15th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: My Firsts | Comments Off on My first pet – a pair of Australian Zebra Finch birds

Today my father bought home a pair of Australian Zebra Finch birds. I am very excited.

But my parents fought over it. They didn’t want me to know…but apparently my mother doesn’t like pets at all.

Today I also came to know that after marriage my father wanted to get a dog…but my mother refused. Being what my father is…he gave up the fight.

About six months back, my father suggest a pair of rabbits (because I was now a big girl and could manage rabbits)….but again my mother refused to budge.

So, when came to the Australian Zebra Finch birds…my father didn’t ask my mother – he just bought them home. This irked my mother.

I would blame it on the darkest and longest lunar eclipse in 100 which is to happen tomorrow. My gut feels tells me that it isn’t good for couples in love.

Anyway, watch my first reaction to the birds in the house.

Important: I had just come back from the park at 8 pm, so I am all sweaty in this video.

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