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I rolled over today

Posted: August 2nd, 2007 | Author: | Filed under: My Firsts | Comments Off on I rolled over today

Watching the ceiling can be boring. Especially if all you have is a dirty fan that keeps going round and round. Gosh, the last four months have been agonizingly difficult – I mean, how do you expect me to lie down without knowing the color of my bed sheet?

Going by the lack of imagination of my parents, I was sure that the bed sheet I have been sleeping in will be pink…but I wanted to confirm anyway. And today, I did. It is indeed pink.

It was afternoon and my mother and I were sleeping. My father, as usual was in office trying to impress his CEO. Around 4 p.m., I burped due to all the milk in my food pipe and was wide awake and staring at the fan.

Anyway, I tried to wake up my mother but she was busy in her own world – probably dreaming of going back to the world of office, colleagues, projects, deadlines etc.

When one is four months old one gets bored easily and one can’t take things lying down. That’s when I decided to put in all my strength and roll over my side. It took me six minutes to roll over, but once done it was like heaven. I could look at the bed sheet, the flowers on it, I could even smell it….I could turn towards my left and look at the smoothly finished wall…and what not. Now, when I get bored with the ceiling fan, I can always roll over.

I am proud of my achievement. By when do other babies roll over? Takes them at last a few more months huh?

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