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I dress up as a Punjabi girl

Posted: October 24th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: My Firsts, School | Comments Off on I dress up as a Punjabi girl

One of my aunts called Sumathy was born in Punjab and she ended being quite a fighter. As not a fighter pilot, but with an opinion of her own. So much so, she thinks that I look better in brown than in pink….I mean, shouldn’t I be the one that knows what I look good in?

Anyway, so when I got a chance to dress up as a Punjabi girl for a Lohri song in my school Delhi Public School, Pre-Nursery in Gurgaon….I jumped at the opportunity. Mind you…it was my first group dance performance.

The misers that my parents are, they went in for hiring the Punjabi girls attire. I requested them and finally pleaded too….to buy me my own pair of Punjabi clothes….but they just wouldn’t listen.

Anyway, on the day I went to school in hired colthes and ended up being the best dancer during the Lohri dance. Want to see my video? I am post that tomorrow. For now, why don’t you just try the pics given below:

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