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I dance away while my mother is ill

Posted: December 25th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: I, me, myself | Comments Off on I dance away while my mother is ill

My mother has been keeping ill. I am not the one to have fun while my parents are suffering but still when I didnt have to sleep at 9 pm (as my mother would have forced me) I was very excited. It was almost as if I had won a lottery….wait a minute….at my age I am not supposed to know lotteries. So, it was almost as if somebody had bought home a 5Star chocolate.

My father also sang and danced with me, and even when he became tired (at 37 he isn’t getting any younger) I continued.

Here is my Dhinika Chikka performance (on the popular Salman Khan starrer “Wanted”). Please note that this was at 11 pm – could have woken up the Christ. (Tip: Tom is Christmas!)

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