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I am more sophisticated than my parents

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They say I have sophistication….something that both my parents don’t have. But we can’t really blame my parents. After all, their parents weren’t as ‘exposed to the outside world’ as mine are.

Just in case you didn’t know my father touched a fork for the first time when he was planting a sapling. Surprised? Yes, he was planting a sampling in the backyard of their Madurai house and his spade sounded like it hit a metal. He dug deeper dreaming of untold treasures only to find that it was a rusted fork.

Though when he was selected as one of the 24 Indian youth to represent India in the Indo-Canada Youth Exchange Program 1997 the NCC officers trained him in usage of fork and spoon…he was no good. In fact, he lost out on one of his girl friends because he didn’t know how to eat noodles with fork. You can read his documentation of the story here.

My mother is no good too. When she uses her fork, it seems as if a crane is lifting soil to fill a pit.

I in turn, by some quirk and some good observation skills have ended up becoming a sophisticated eater. And I am only three and a half…which means, I can get better with my table manners.

Don’t believe me? Check a video of me eating lunch one day.

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