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My mother doesn’t feed me chicken & fish

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I have realized that my mother is selfish. She eats all the chicken and fish that two old folks bring her but never gives me anything.

A few times I did open my mouth but my mother didn’t notice. How self-centered.

And when it comes to my breakfast, lunch and dinner time…my mother feeds me milk. Gosh! Imagine, milk!

And to top it Dr Dinesh was asking my mother to feed me her milk for as long as possible. How am I going to survive that? I just hope my mother stops being self-centered and starts giving me all the chicken and fish soon.

While on the subject of food, today the nurse put some eye drops in my eyes. Initially, I didn’t know it was for the eyes and opened my mouth. She laughed so loudly that my delicate ear drums burst. It was quite embarrassing. I just hope some other nurse comes in tomorrow.

I need to work on my sleep schedule…I feel sleepy most of the time.

My mother was pregnant?

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Thats my mother when she was seven months pregnant with me. Trust me, when I was inside the womb I thought my mother would be pink.

Thats my mother when she was seven months pregnant with me. Trust me, when I was inside the womb I thought my mother would be pink.

Today I heard my father say that he was here in Kannur only for me. He called up his boss and told him that he needed to be with his wife (that’s my mom for a few days more). It felt good.

Father and mother were also discussing the pregnancy days.

Apparently, my mother was 61 Kgs when she was 6 weeks pregnant and gained 13 kilos and was at 74 Kgs when I was born. I feel my mother is using me as an excuse for gaining weight. Bceause I was only 3.5 Kgs when born. How does she explain the 10 odd Kgs she gained?

I also overheard that Dr Amudha Hari, who has a polyclinic in Adyar, Chennai was my mother gynecologist in Chennai and Dr Dinesh handled the delivery and pre-natal care in Kannur. I wish I can send them a rose to thank them for being good to me.

Apparently, my mother used to hare oil but after she became pregnant with me, she started loving pooris and other oily items. Some day, I intend to tell her that when I was in her stomach…I used to eat up all the pooris she would gobble up.

I also loved the ice creams and chocolate pastries (from Coffee Day & CakeWalk in Chennai) that my mother had.

Visitors kept streaming in today also. Wonder why they have to come so close to look at me. Sometimes I can smell sweat some times…a nice fragrance…wonder what that is. Is it something I can get for myself?

Today, I saw the band on my hand again….so is Rekha the name of my mother?