I am Rhea Rajan. Born on 29 March, 2007…and yet with lots to share. My parents are Rekha & Rajan...and we now live in Gurgaon. Do let me know how I blog...

Mother’s day poem by my father and I

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My father and I joined hands to write a mother’s day poem and surprise my mother by singing it in the evening. I guess it must have been all the practicing we were doing which gave it away…for the moment we started the show she started giggling. I think she even sang along…

This was the Mother’s Day poem we had written:

Dear Amma happy mothers day
I am here to say
That you have a special way

Of showing love to us all
You are always on our call
And you never let us fall.

You never ever tire
That’s what we admire!
that’s why you inspire!

Dear Amma, happy mothers day
And I am here to say
That you have a special way….

Here is the video of me singing the Mother’s Day Song

I love the family eating out expeditions

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Every weekend we go out for lunch or dinner, at least once. In the last few months we have stopped that because mother says she doesn’t feel nice leaving my grandmother and grandfather at home and going out for lunch/dinner.

“Why don’t we take them as well?” I once asked my mother.

She said: “Your grandfather can’t eat from outside – he can only eat semi-solid food.. That’s why we can’t take them out. Plus they get tired soon.”

So, today my grandmother forced my mother and my father to go out. I heard her say: “You guys shouldn’t change because of us. You have to live your life as well.”

So we went out. Some place called Gola restaurant because my mother wanted to try out something called Sizzlers.

In the first part of the outing, I sit with my mother because she is more patient while giving me lunch. In the second part of the outing – when it is time to have desserts – I move beside my father. My mother never shares her dessert but my father does.

My mother doesn’t feed me chicken & fish

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I have realized that my mother is selfish. She eats all the chicken and fish that two old folks bring her but never gives me anything.

A few times I did open my mouth but my mother didn’t notice. How self-centered.

And when it comes to my breakfast, lunch and dinner time…my mother feeds me milk. Gosh! Imagine, milk!

And to top it Dr Dinesh was asking my mother to feed me her milk for as long as possible. How am I going to survive that? I just hope my mother stops being self-centered and starts giving me all the chicken and fish soon.

While on the subject of food, today the nurse put some eye drops in my eyes. Initially, I didn’t know it was for the eyes and opened my mouth. She laughed so loudly that my delicate ear drums burst. It was quite embarrassing. I just hope some other nurse comes in tomorrow.

I need to work on my sleep schedule…I feel sleepy most of the time.

Coming into this World

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Thats me on day one. Notice the peace, the tranquility. Also notice the band on my hand saying Rekha Rajans daughter.

Thats me on day one. Notice the peace, the tranquility. Also notice the band on my hand saying "Rekha Rajan's daughter."

Like all big shots before me…Sri Krishna, Jesus etc…I was also born at 12 noon. The day was March 29, 2007. Unlike Sri Krishna & Jesus I didn’t get cool handyman as a father…my father was neither a carpenter nor a shepherd. More on this later.

My father might not be a cool handyman, but he definitely is stupid. I have such pretty features…but he had to remove my dress to find out if I was a boy or a girl.

From a loud nurse, I came to know that I was at St Martin De Porres Hospital in Cherukunnu, Kannur, Kerala. The same nurse also started announcing to the World (gosh! How much I hate these loud mouths) that I was 3.5 Kgs heavy and 50 cms long.

I think I am a little over weight for my height…maybe I should watch my diet over the next couple of months.

My mother is really pretty. I see a lot of love in her eyes…and she cries every time I look into her eyes. Wonder why?

Today my mom looked at my fingers (which are missing nail polish!) and said: “Rhea, did you know…you have long artistic fingers.”

I replied with a polite, “Thank you,” but wonder if she heard it.