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And the winter break is over

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I was so excited today. School reopened after the winter break. I hadn’t seen my friends in 2 weeks and I was waiting to meet them and my teachers.

We didn’t study anything today because all of us were so busy talking and playing. Ma’m also didn’t say anything when we were playing. Looks like she missed us too.

God! Its so nice to go back to school. Winter uniform is nice too, with jackets and all.

Though I will miss the holidays too – spending time in the park morning and evening was cool too. Ain’t I confusing?

My mother always feeds me first

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It must be a mother’s thing….but my mother chooses restaurants keeping me in mind.

My father would say, lets go here and lets go there….but my mother would say “Will they have something that Rhea will like?”

This is exactly why I was surprised when I was ushered in to Kobe, a Sizzlers place in Ambience Mall yesterday. I was seeing sizzlers for the first time and I almost jumped back hearing the hissing noise. It was as if they were serving a snake!!

Why would any human being eat Sizzlers? This time we went to a sizzlers place and while my father and mother liked it, I didn’t.

At Kobe's in Ambience Mall

At Kobe's in Ambience Mall

Winter Weekends

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On winter weekends my father and I dress up and go to the central park in the apartment complex. There are six things we take every weekend:

1) My cycle
2) My pink frisbee
3) A blue Ball
4) Two plastic Bowling pins (which we use as a bat)
5) My water bottle
6) A banana (in case I get hungry)

We spend close to 90-120 minutes in the central park before coming back home. My mother wants us to do this for a totally different reason – so that we don’t disturb her when she and Archana aunty are busy with the weekend cleaning.

I played with my brother Anupam

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My Rema aunt and her son Anupam (who happens to be my elder brother) visited us for four days in the fag end of December.

These pictures were taken by my dad in the park at Uniworld Gardens, where we stay.